Mobile Data Backup

A data backup line on the mobile network

The service provides you with a data backup line on the mobile network, automatically guaranteeing operational continuity and ensuring you keep your IP addresses, even in the event of a main line failure.

Your company’s data connectivity is guaranteed thanks to the use of two different technologies for the main access and the mobile backup.

This option allows web browsing, email, POS IPs, remote access, VPN, and remote surveillance services to continue operating.


  • your company is always online and you don’t miss out on business opportunities
  • you make use of different access technologies to guarantee your company’s data connection
  • you keep the same IP addresses, even in the event of a main line failure


  • the service is activated automatically if the main line goes down
  • your POS IP and navigation services continue to work seamlessly
  • option of positioning the SIM in the location that guarantees the best coverage
  • the service can only be activated with 3G or 4G coverage in the installation area
  • the service supports the electronic payment feature with POS IPs only
  • the service supports VPN management with the MPLS protocol only if provided with a Vianova SIM
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