Store your files in the Cloud and share them with anyone you want

Drive is a web app available within the Customer Area that allows you to enjoy the benefits of disk space shared with your work colleagues or other users associated with your company.

The application offers simple and secure storage and sharing of company files and folders in a disk space hosted in Vianova Cloud.

You can access the files via the web from a PC, smartphone, or tablet, keeping them to hand at any time and wherever you are.


  • reduce the number of copies of the same file saved on your network thanks to the shared company folder
  • free up space on your PC’s hard drive
  • save time spent searching for the most up-to-date documents (price lists, offers, etc.)


  • easily share large files online
  • no need to worry about emails not being delivered due to excessively large attachments
  • organize files into folders and subfolders


  • manage files and folders with the same ease as you do on your PC
  • share files and folders with anyone, with no need to install software

At a glance

  • up to 480 GB of disk space based on the Vianova subscription profile
  • up to 360 Drive users based on the Vianova subscription profile
  • encrypted storage of your data
  • web access via HTTPS for secure file transfer
  • unlimited monthly traffic
  • daily backup of archived data
  • the service is not available in the Vianova 1.1 profile
  • the service includes the number of Drive users indicated in the subscribed Vianova profile
  • the maximum size of a single stored file is 2 GB
  • the disk space used by Drive is added to the space used by Mail and Traffic to determine the overall space used
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