Number Portability

Keep your phone numbers with our simple service

With the Number Portability service, you no longer pay a fee to your old Operator and you keep your phone numbers.

Thanks to our Dual Operator solution, which includes the installation of duplicate equipment at the customer’s premises, your telephone lines can be transferred to Vianova without any interruption to your services.

Vianova has developed a special installation method that ensures your Voice service continues to operate, even during the various stages of transferring the telephone lines from your old Operator to Vianova.
This method involves duplicating the necessary resources (equipment, ports, etc.), thus avoiding the need for a technician to be present on the day when the lines are transferred from the old Operator.

Do you need a new phone number or do you want to change your current one?
Call our Customer Service team to select the new Vianova number of your choice with your local area code.


  • you no longer pay your old Operator’s fee
  • the costs of transferring your numbers are included in the Offer


  • Dual Operator mode guarantees operational continuity for your Voice service
  • the service is activated on all your telephone lines, including additional basic ISDN access numbers and direct dialing number ranges


  • a single invoice for all your company’s telecommunication services

Stages of the process

Number Portability – stages of the process

the values indicated are the average activation times over the last 12 months, expressed in days

  • the Dual Operator mode is not available in the Vianova 1.1 profile and in the SIP Trunk advanced service
  • during the transfer (Cut-Over) from the old telephone operator to Vianova, which normally takes place by 10.00am on the agreed day, any incoming telephone conversations in progress are interrupted
  • Carrier Selection and Carrier Pre-Selection to other operators are not available
  • if the direct dialing service is already active for your current numbers, with the Number Portability service we automatically transfer it to the new Vianova lines
  • with the Number Portability service, you can keep your current number (the one published in the directory) and request a new number range from Vianova with your local prefix to be linked to your switchboard’s extensions
  • all calls can be made, including free ones to emergency numbers (e.g. 112, 113, 115, and 118) and to special numbers starting with 1, 7, and 8; the costs and any limitations are published on the Vianova website

Publication of telephone directories

  • numbers are published in the telephone directory based on the Pagine Gialle (Yellow Pages) publication calendar, divided up by geographical area
  • Vianova passes on the details within 30 days of the service being activated for all the telephone lines authorized for publication by the customer
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