Router Backup

A second router to guarantee operational continuity

The backup services offered by Vianova are crucial in ensuring operational continuity for our customers.

That’s why those who opt for Vianova can also count on Router Backup.

The service provides an additional router configured with HSRP and BGP and connected to a line independent of the main access.

The backup system starts up automatically in the event of the failure of the router or main line and allows the customer to keep the same IP addresses.


  • the service is activated automatically if the router or main line stops working
  • activated with the best technology available (FTTx, ADSL, Radio) in combination with the main connections


  • you’re always online and you don’t miss out on business opportunities
  • your business remains operational even if your router or main line fails
  • you keep the same IP addresses

How it works

  • the Router Backup service is set up by installing an additional Vianova or Cisco router configured with HSRP and BGP, connected to a line independent of the main access
  • in the event of a router or main line outage, the equipment automatically switches Voice and Data services to the connected router while simultaneously sending a fault report to the Vianova NOC (Network Operation Center)
  • the Customer Service team contacts the customer to gather information, and the NOC takes charge of the fault within 15 minutes
  • as soon as the fault is resolved, the equipment automatically restores the Voice and Data services
  • IP addresses remain unchanged, even in the event of an outage
  • in the 1.5 and 6.12 profiles, the Router Backup service is optional
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