Certified email

Legal value for your email communications

Certified Electronic Mail (CEM) allows you to send emails with the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt, with guaranteed proof of shipping and delivery times.

The service allows companies, professionals, and public administrations to communicate via a secure and certified channel, simplifying formal communications.


  • you eliminate the use of paper and toner as well as postage costs
  • you save time and avoid waiting at the post office


  • the service is practically immune to computer viruses thanks to antivirus services and sender certification
  • it guarantees enforceability against third parties in the event of a dispute
  • it uses secure and encrypted protocols


  • you can use it with your email program
  • it can also be accessed from the web

How it works

  • the email is certified because the Operator issues a receipt that constitutes legal proof that the message and any attachments were sent
  • similarly, the recipient’s Operator sends the sender a delivery receipt for the certified email message
  • the receipts, which include the date and time, certify that the message was sent and delivered without alterations
  • certified email is mandatory for all companies, public administrations, and registered/listed professionals
  • in the Vianova 1.1 profile, CEM mailboxes are only provided on the pec.wmail.it domain
  • each Vianova profile includes a CEM mailbox for each voice channel
  • each CEM mailbox has 1 GB of independent email space in addition to the disk space indicated in the subscribed Vianova profile
  • the service includes a CEM domain certification for each subscribed Vianova site
  • certification only takes place for domains hosted by Vianova
  • the maximum size of a certified email is 100 MB, including attachments
  • the service does not allow the certification of mailboxes with the username ‘postmaster’
  • CEM mailboxes are provided on the pec.wmail.it domain or on your own domain, provided it is hosted by Vianova
  • messages can be sent to other addresses in carbon copy (CC), but not in blind carbon copy (BCC)
  • a message can be sent to up to 500 recipients (the sender will receive a delivery receipt email for each recipient)
  • any cancellation of the Vianova contract entails the deletion of the CEM mailboxes and the messages sent and received, as well as the decertification of the activated CEM domain
  • the length of a certified email address cannot exceed 80 characters and can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters including periods and dashes; accented characters, spaces, and other special symbols are not allowed
  • the service is provided in collaboration with an operator accredited by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID)
  • the delivery receipt confirms that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s mailbox but does not certify that the message has been read
  • the receipts have legal value only if the sender and the recipient communicate via CEM mailboxes
  • the receipts are stored by the Operator for at least 30 months; it is possible to request a copy with the same legal value
  • to guarantee the security of mailboxes, the CEM service uses the ‘TLS 1.2’ communication protocol, compatible with the most up-to-date versions of browsers and operating systems, and does not allow access to the service if the minimum requirements are not met; the list of versions that support the service is available at supporto.welcomeitalia.it/pec
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