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Success stories

as told by our Customers


Always connected and stable with Vianova

We are always online for our Customers, thanks to dedicated fiber and backup lines

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Farmaè Group

Reliability, Security and a Customer Service that answers within 3 rings

The continuity of our work is guaranteed by excellent services and unparalleled support

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Sapore di Mare

Single point of contact and quick solutions

A single provider for all telecommunications services makes it easier for our 100 locations to communicate

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Efficiency, from the network to the invoice

Vianova has simplified our work with secure and stable VPNs between our locations and a one-page invoice

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We are always online for our Customers, thanks to dedicated fiber and backup lines


All our Customers were using other operators.
Here is why they switched to Vianova.

  • 1We were cut off for days.

    Our offer profiles are designed to guarantee service continuity in any conditions, with backup systems that intervene automatically while maintaining the same IP addresses.
    In addition, all access lines are constantly monitored, and we are able to intercept over 60% of faults before our Customers become aware of them.

  • 2When there was a problem, I could not speak to anyone.

    Our Customer Service team always picks up the phone within 3 rings. Including for Mobile.

  • 3New Customers were treated better than old ones.

    Value over time is our service that guarantees all Customers the same supply conditions as set out in their offer profile and the best access technology as it progressively evolves. Any promotions are also applied to all already active Customers.
    Respect for our Customers is something that we take very seriously.

  • 4We have many offices and there were too many different points of contact.

    All our solutions are managed in collaboration with our Partners in order to streamline the work of IT managers.
    Sales, inspections, installation, and technical support at the Customer’s premises are always handled by our local Partner.

  • 5Our invoices always included charges for services we did not ask for.

    Our offer has no ‘asterisks’, and the monthly invoice contains all the details, which are always available online in your Customer Area.

  • 6We have lots of SIM cards, and we used to pay fees even for the ones we did not use.

    With our dedicated Mobile service management software (SIM Manager), our Customers can activate or suspend a SIM (and much more) at any time.

  • 7Our sales contact changed all the time.

    Each Customer is supported by a specific local Partner, who also handles technical assistance.

  • 8If we had problems with the telephone service, we get bounced between the switchboard maintenance technician and the operator.

    Our Partners are telecommunications specialists, and alongside us, they know how to quickly address and resolve any telephone problem.

  • 9We wanted to change operator, but there were penalties and the contract had 24 months left to run.
    • Our Legal team provides free specialist assistance that supports our Customers in terminating the relationship with their previous operator.
    • Our Customers can count on our free legal assistance as they end the relationship with their old operator.
  • 10We felt like we were treated like a private Customer.

    We only work with companies and self-employed workers.

Fixed network offer
that adapts to the needs and scale
of your business over time



Voice-Data offer with included services

  • professional internet access up to 1 Gbps in downstream
  • voice traffic on consumption or flat
  • backup solutions to guarantee business continuity
  • collaboration, telephony, monitoring and cost analysis services


Data offer

  • professional internet access up to 1 Gbps in downstream
  • flexible network architecture that can be modulated and integrated with Vianova services
  • monitoring and banwidth consumption analysis services

SIP Trunk

Voice offer

  • unlimited toll-free calls towards national fixed and mobile numbers
  • compatibility with the main IP PBX on premise and in Cloud
  • telephony, monitoring and voice traffic analysis services

Mobile offer
with innovative services included in the price



  • pay-as-you-go
  • 99% network coverage  
  • no fixed duration
internet 4G
100 GB
150 GB for fixed-line Customers


  • pay-as-you-go
  • 99% network coverage
  • no fixed duration
4G internet
30 GB
50 GB for fixed-line Customers


  • subscription or pay-as-you-go
  • 99% network coverage
  • no fixed duration
  • maximum flexibility and savings
from 3.00 €/month only if you use it
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Vianova Centrex

The scalable and secure Cloud switchboard that improves collaboration between your on site and remote teams.

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nuvola centrex
iphone centrex
fisso centrex

Data Center offer
Security and Continuity for your Business


  • servers hosted in the Vianova Data Centers, redundated and always connected to internet
  • 100 Mbps of included bandwidth with unlimited traffic
  • latency under 20 ms, packet loss less than 0.1% per month
  • encoded Backup system and unlimited snapshots
  • AgID qualified for quality and security


  • dedicated cabinets for your company in Vianova’s Tier IV compliant Data Center
  • guaranteed bandwidth up to 1 Gbps
  • systems for energetic redundancy and monitoring
  • ISO 27001 certification for data and information management
  • control panel and unlimited remote interventions