Busy Call

Get hold of someone who's trying to call you

Conversations between two cell phones drop more often.
This is normal and happens due to various factors linked to being on the move, such as passing through a tunnel.

The time required to establish a call between two mobile users is longer (around 6 seconds) than the time between two landline network users, which is practically instantaneous. This is why two cell phone users trying to call each other after a conversation has dropped are likely to find the other person's line engaged.

Busy Call is a smart service that understands when two people are calling one another. Instead of giving them both a busy tone, it connects them.

The Busy Call service works even if only one of the callers is using a Vianova SIM.

  • activation fee: included (the service is pre-activated)
  • monthly amount: included

Before connecting two users who are calling each other at the same time, Busy Call plays a short jingle lasting two seconds to indicate what is happening.

listen to the jinglelisten

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