VIP Call (patent pending)

Use the manager-secretary service even on your mobile

With the advent of cell phones, most calls now go through mobiles, so even senior managers have to filter their own calls.

Smartphones offer access to personal data, confidential information, social networks, and private contacts. Even when in a meeting, managers are therefore reluctant to leave their cell phone with an assistant.

With a traditional telephone switchboard, the ‘manager/secretary’ service would allow an assistant to answer all a manager’s calls, transferring only the most important ones and taking care of the rest so as not to disturb the meeting.

On mobile networks, though, the ‘manager/secretary’ service does not exist.
So we invented it.

With the exclusive VIP Call service, you can divert incoming calls to your cell phone to your assistant, who can answer them on your behalf, only transferring the calls you want to take.

With VIP Call, your smartphone stays with you and you can keep using it as normal.

What’s more, the contacts that you add to your VIP List (family, friends, important customers, etc.) can continue to call you directly without being filtered by your assistant.

  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: included
  • the secretary or colleague to whom calls are forwarded with the VIP Call service must be a Vianova Mobile or Vianova Centrex user with an active Vianova Phone service
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