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The IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service allows Customers to share the resources of a powerful network infrastructure of physical and storage servers installed at Vianova’s two Data Centers, with full redundancy and a permanent Internet connection.


  • no need to invest in hardware that will become technically obsolete
  • no additional costs for technical support
  • hourly prices and deferred monthly billing based on the resources actually used or simply allocated


  • total autonomy to manage your own server network through the Cloud section of the Customer Area
  • maximum flexibility in configuring and scaling servers based on your company’s actual needs
  • service payment directly via invoicing, without using prepaid top-up


  • Data infrastructure with local and geo-redundancy and a fault tolerant disaster recovery system
  • access to your Cloud’s management portal through login credentials
  • remote console panel available in your Customer Area
  • online and email reporting system
main features of the service cost per hour cost per 30 days
CPU 0.020000 14.400 per CPU, max 16
dedicated CPU 0.000400 0.288 every 1% for each CPU
dedicated RAM 0.005000 3.600 per GB, max 64
fast disk space (more than 200 IOPS) 0.000160 0.115 per GB, min 10 max 500 (max 4 disks)
standard disk space (up to 200 IOPS) 0.000075 0.054 per GB, min 10 max 500 (max 4 disks)
additional bandwith 0.005000 3.600 per Mbps, min 10 max 100
additional public IP 0.005555 4.000 per IPv4, max 15
LAN 0.010000 7.200 per configured LAN, max 10
spazio snapshot 0.000075 0.054 per GB o frazione di GB
spazio backup 0.000140 0.101 per GB, min 10 max 5.000
licenze VM Microsoft Windows 0.041667 30.000 every 2 CPU
licenze Microsoft SQL Server Web 0.025000 18.000 up to 4 CPU
licenze Microsoft SQL Server Standard 0.261111 188.000 up to 4 CPU
prices in euro

At a glance

  • 1 public IP included for each server
  • 3 network cards included
  • 100 Mbps of Internet bandwidth included
  • unlimited traffic included
  • installation fee included
  • option to create a server network via dedicated virtual LANs
  • option (on a per-project basis) to create private networks between devices hosted in Colocation facilities, Cloud servers, and devices installed at the Customer’s Vianova sites
  • option to create snapshots to be used as a restore point
  • web access to servers via Remote Console in the Customer Area
  • 24-hour monitoring included
  • some templates include software applications that require a paid license to use
  • operating systems can only be installed on ‘fast’ disks, the minimum size of which depends on the operating system selected
  • the minimum duration of the service is one hour; times are rounded up to the next full hour
  • once the Cloud Server has been created, the disk space can only be increased
  • on Windows operating systems with SQL Server, the maximum number of configurable CPUs is 4
  • web access to servers via Remote Console requires the installation of the VMRC plugin, available for Windows platforms (XP and later); the supported browsers are Chrome (from v. 16 to v. 41), Firefox (from v. 9 to v. 51) and Internet Explorer 10
  • ‘allocated resources’ means all Cloud resources which, although not in use, have been reserved for the Customer (e.g. disk space and CPUs), even when the server is off
  • snapshots are automatically stored in the SAN along with the virtual machine data. The Customer can create one snapshot at a time, which is stored in the memory for 7 days. The snapshot is stored on Vianova’s disk space rather than the Customer’s
  • the Cloud platform was created in collaboration with Vola spa, a company belonging to the Vianova Group
Caratteristiche tecniche
  • ‘fast’ disk space with unlimited bandwidth over 200 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), built on geo-redundant SAN architectures with high-capacity cache memory and disk arrays designed to guarantee the highest performance levels
  • ‘standard’ disk space with unlimited bandwidth up to 200 IOPS, built on geo-redundant SAN architectures with disk arrays designed to guarantee the highest capacity levels
  • resource virtualization via VMware hypervisor
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