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Che offerta sto attivando?
Che offerta sto attivando?

Puoi scegliere il profilo d’offerta che preferisci nella tua Area Clienti dopo aver acquistato le SIM.

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Posso fare la portabilità del numero?

Dopo aver ricevuto le SIM potrai decidere se effettuare la portabilità o attivarle come nuovo numero.

Vianova Data

Vianova Data is the pay-as-you-go mobile Internet data service profile suitable for devices and systems such as lifts, alarms, video surveillance tools, tablets, mobile routers, and 4G USB sticks.

  • pay-as-you-go
  • 99% network coverage
  • no fixed duration
4G internet
30 GB
50 GB for fixed-line Customers
10.00 €/month
+ €10.00 one-off SIM and eSIM purchase

Services included in Italy

  • 30 GB 4G Internet

Services included in the EU

  • 16.6 GB 4G Internet

Pay-per-use services in excess of those included

  • Internet in Italy or the EU: 5.00 euro/GB

Traffic to overseas countries and non-geographic numbers

To call overseas and non-geographic numbers (NGN), consult the rate list on the web page International and roaming rates.

Customer Service

From abroad, Customer Service can be reached at +39 3783 145 145: with Vianova Mobile, calls are free from the EU, while the costs set out in the international rate lists apply for calls from outside the EU.

At a glance

  • your fixed line and mobile network operator that picks up the phone within three rings
  • a one-page monthly bill for all fixed line and mobile telecommunication services
  • no fixed-term contract
  • the mobile network covers over 99% of the population
  • a single company Basket for all SIM card top-ups
  • with SIM Manager, you can manage your company’s SIMs and your mobile phone services, with total freedom to link a SIM to any profile and the option to change this up to once a month


  • purchase fee: 10.00 euro one-off fee per SIM
  • shipping and activation fee: included
  • inactive SIMs do not generate costs


IoT (Internet of Things) SIMs are intended for industrial use and are also available in models designed for environments with particular climate conditions.

  • purchase fee: on a per-project basis
  • monthly amount: on a per-project basis


The eSIM is a virtual SIM that allows you to activate a mobile plan without having to insert a physical SIM into your smartphone. It offers the same features as a classic SIM: it is associated with a phone number with which you can make calls, send SMS and surf the internet. Furthermore, there is no waiting time because you receive it in digital format and you can install it in a few minutes.


Static IP option

This service allows you to assign a private static IP to a SIM used in systems or tools (lifts, alarms, people counters, sensors, etc.).

The SIM on which the service is active does not have Internet access and can only be reached from the Vianova office specified by the Customer.

  • activation fee: 10.00 euro per SIM
  • monthly amount: 1.00 euro
  • changes to the profile associated with a SIM will take effect from the first day of the following month
  • Internet traffic included in the package but not used within the month cannot be used in the following month
  • Internet traffic in excess of the amount included in the package is charged in 10 KB increments
  • in the event of the termination of the contractual relationship with Vianova, the leftover unused credit is returned to the Customer in full
  • national and international roaming Internet traffic is always calculated on the basis of the KB actually used
  • Internet traffic exchanged using WiFi coverage does not consume the included GB or the top-up credit
  • SIMs activated during the month are topped up with an amount proportional to the remaining days until the end of the month (e.g. for a profile activated on April 16, only 5.00 euro will be charged instead of 10)
  • the services included with SIMs activated during the month are reduced in proportion to the remaining days until the end of the month (e.g. a profile activated on April 16 will include 15 GB)
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