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Che offerta sto attivando?
Che offerta sto attivando?

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Posso fare la portabilità del numero?

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Use your mailbox to send and receive faxes

Use your mailbox to send and receive faxes

The cheapest way to send and receive faxes, saving on paper, toner, the cost of a dedicated telephone line, and device maintenance.

You can send and receive faxes from your computer just as easily as email.
You can send faxes to one or multiple recipients at once and receive them in your inbox, guaranteeing maximum privacy.



the number of pages sent and received by our customers using the Fax service in the last 12 months


  • faxes can only be sent using the mailboxes enabled in your Customer Area
  • received faxes are only visible to the mailbox owner
  • the sender’s fax number is certified by Vianova
  • outgoing faxes are processed by automatic programs that ensure security and privacy
  • your fax line is always free, so you don’t miss out on opportunities


  • the fax sending service does not require any access password, since your mailbox is recognized automatically
  • you can easily send faxes from wherever you are and via any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop)
  • you can keep your fax number with Number Portability


  • you can customize the header of your faxes as well as choosing the office to which the sending costs will be charged and the fax number to be used for the transmission
  • you can also send the same fax to multiple recipients
  • you can attach multiple documents to the message in PDF format
  • sent and received faxes can be viewed in your Customer Area using the Traffic service


  • no need for a dedicated phone line
  • no need of paper and toner
  • no maintenance costs for fax machines

How it works


  1. your fax number is associated with your email address (e.g.
  2. incoming faxes to your number are redirected to the Fax service
  3. our servers receive faxes addressed to you and immediately forward them to your email inbox, attaching the documents received in PDF format

…and sending

  1. send an email to an address consisting of the recipient’s fax number and the domain (e.g.
  2. attach a document in PDF format or write the message directly in the body of the email
  3. our servers convert the message into a fax and send it to the number indicated; you will receive an email with the transmission report for each fax sent

Additional fax numbers

It is possible to activate additional numbers in addition to those included in the selected Vianova profile.

  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: Euro 4.00 for each number
  • where email services are supplied by another provider, Vianova cannot guarantee the delivery times for faxes received via the Fax service
  • calls cannot be received on numbers associated with the incoming Fax service
  • enabled outgoing SMTP email servers are required to send faxes
  • when sending faxes, a mailbox can only be associated with one Vianova customer
  • faxes can be sent to up to 1,000 recipients at a time
  • the maximum page limit for each fax is 100 pages
  • Vianova’s servers receive the fax in the standard CCITT G3 format and convert it into a PDF document
  • the Fax service is also available on 800 numbers
  • for received faxes, the real number (Calling Line Identification) of the sender is automatically inserted into the subject of the email and added to the fax header
  • if the number is busy, the transmission is interrupted, or there is an error when sending a fax, the service will attempt to send it again a further 4 times
  • sent and received faxes are encrypted to prevent sensitive information from being read by unauthorized personnel
  • customizations to faxes can be made in your Customer Area
  • new mailboxes and new SMTP servers enabled to send faxes can be added through the Customer Area
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