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Conference Call

Professional conference calls for your meetings

Professional conference calls for your meetings

The simplest, fastest, and most affordable way for people based all over the world to independently join a conference call meeting.

Possibly to launch a conference call can be launched at any time from any landline or cell phone by simply giving the participants the number to call and the access code for the Virtual Room.



in Conference Calls
by our Customers in the last 12 months


  • encourage more regular contact between people
  • streamline decision-making processes
  • you can record meetings to listen back to them later and forward them by email to those involved
  • you can check the list of Conference Calls made in your Customer Area using the Traffic service


  • access to Conference Calls is protected by a numerical password that the Moderator can change on each occasion, guaranteeing confidentiality
  • Moderator can ‘close‘ the Virtual Room once all the planned attendees have joined, guaranteeing the highest level of privacy


  • you reduce travel expenses
  • you reduce time spent organizing your meetings


  • can be launched in a matter of seconds from any landline or cell phone
  • a recorded voice in the chosen language guides attendees through the joining process
  • you can use the service 24 hours a day, with no need to reserve a time
  • you can request free support from an Operator during Conference Calls
  • operations are easy to carry out using your phone’s keypad

How it works

  1. the Moderator invites the attendees, specifying the date and time of the Conference Call, the telephone number to call (e.g. +39 0584 360000 for Italian), and the code for the Virtual Room
  2. a few minutes before the meeting starts, the Moderator calls the telephone number of the service and, following the voice instructions, enters the Virtual Room code and the security code to activate the Conference Call
  3. at the time specified in the invite, the attendees call the telephone number of the service based on their chosen language and, following the voice instructions, enter the Virtual Room code
  4. the Conference Call is ready to start!

For your Conference Calls, remember to use Desk as well


Additional Virtual Rooms

It is possible to activate additional Virtual Rooms in addition to those included in the selected Vianova profile.

  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: Euro 12.00 for each Virtual Room
  • Conference Call service is not available in the Vianova 1.1 profile
  • like all Vianova services, the resale of the Conference Call service to third parties is prohibited
  • Operator support is only available during Welcome Italia’s Customer Service hours (every day from 8.00am to 10.00pm)
  • in some areas, cellular networks are unable to forward DTMF codes after the number has been dialed, making it impossible to access the service
  • to check the list of Conference Calls made in the Customer Area, the Traffic service must be activated
  • the cost of calls made from non-Vianova sites is charged to the caller
  • the cost of calls made from Vianova Mobile numbers is included
  • the service can be activated on an 800 Line number, with the called party also charged for the telephone traffic used by all Conference Call attendees
  • when using the service for the first time, the Customer activates a Virtual Room with the support of Customer Service, choosing the room code and the security code that they will use as the Moderator
Available languages

Users can access the Conference Call with support in their preferred language by dialing in with a specific phone number.
The service is available in the following languages, with the corresponding telephone numbers.

  • +39 0584 36 00 00 – Italian
  • +39 0584 36 99 99 – English
  • +39 0584 36 99 98 – French
  • +39 0584 36 99 97 – Spanish
  • +39 0584 36 99 96 – German
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