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Keep your servers in a safe environment

Colocation allows you to host your company’s physical servers in total security at our Data Center in Pisa.

Your devices are kept in a controlled, protected, and expertly designed environment supplying connectivity, power, and air conditioning.



including 167 with 42 rack units and 120 with 20 rack units

main elements
of the service
20 rack unit cabinet 1,000.00 750.00
42 rack unit cabinet 1,500.00 1,400.00
additional electrical power included 100.00 per 500 watts
additional Internet bandwidth included 200.00 per 100 Mbps (max. 1 Gbps)
additional Gigabit Ethernet ports 25.00 included per 1 port (max. 46)
additional public IPs included 32.00 per 8 IPv4s (max. 32)
prices in euro
Internet bandwidth Badge access Available formats Available formats Electrical power
Internet bandwidth
Internet bandwidth

each cabinet provides 100 Mbps of included and guaranteed Internet bandwidth, up to a maximum of 1 Gbps

Badge access
Badge access

access to individual cabinets is only possible with an electronic badge reserved for the customer

Available formats
Available formats

the Data Center uses 19″ cabinets in both 42-rack and 20-rack formats

Electrical power
Electrical power

each cabinet is powered by 2 16-amp lines, for a maximum power of 5 kW for the 42-rack cabinets and 3 kW for the 20-rack cabinets

Data Center

Un asset strategico della rivoluzione digitale
Cosa è un Data Center, quali benefici comporta e quale scegliere

At a glance

  • dedicated cabinets with 20 and 42 rack units
  • 1.5 kW of electrical power included per 20 rack unit cabinet, up to a maximum of 3 kW
  • 2 kW of electrical power included per 42 rack unit cabinet, up to a maximum of 5 kW
  • 2 16 amp power lines for each cabinetv
  • 100 Mbps of guaranteed Internet bandwidth included, up to a maximum of 1 Gbps
  • up to 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports included
  • 8 public IPv4 addresses included
  • support from a NOC Specialist for the initial installation
  • unlimited access to your cabinets using a personal electronic badge from 8.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Friday
  • unlimited remote interventions on your equipment by a NOC Specialist from 8.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Friday

A unique environment

Vianova’s Data Center is equipped with unique features that make it the ideal environment to host your servers.
The facilities and the continuous monitoring system are designed to ensure that your equipment always works at maximum efficiency, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns or malfunctions.

Exclusive access

Access to your dedicated cabinets is only available with a private badge kept at the Vianova site.
When visiting the Data Center, we also provide you with access to a quiet room with network connectivity to allow you to work as if you were at your company’s office.

Remote monitoring

All Colocation cabinets are equipped with two PDUs (Power Distribution Units) which, in addition to guaranteeing power supply redundancy, allow for real-time monitoring of the energy consumption, temperature, and humidity percentage of each rack.
You can check the status of your cabinets through the control panel available in the Customer Area.

Out-of-hours interventions

It is possible to request access to the Data Center or remote interventions on your equipment hosted in Colocation facilities outside business hours, informing 145 or the assigned on-call number with at least 2 hours’ notice.

  • hourly rate: 100.00 euro

Dual feed power supply

Equipment hosted in Colocation facilities must be equipped with a dual feed power supply in order to take advantage of power supply redundancy.
Alternatively, the installation of an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is required to connect devices with a single power supply.

  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: 18.00 euro
  • equipment hosted in Colocation facilities must be suitable for insertion into 19” racks and must have CE marking
  • equipment hosted in Colocation facilities must be powered by a direct connection to PDUs (Power Distribution Units) or ATSs (Automatic Transfer Switches) provided by Vianova
  • the equipment must be connected to the PDUs by C13-14 or C19-20 type electrical plugs
  • each ATS occupies one of the rack units inside the cabinet, is equipped with 12 ports, and has a maximum power consumption of 2.3 kW
  • due to the particular environmental conditions of the Data Center caused by the reduced percentage of oxygen, access to the premises is permitted for a maximum of 4 consecutive hours, with an interval of 30 minutes between each hour, for a total of up to 6 hours per day
  • it is possible to pre-authorize up to 5 names for access to the Data Center and remote intervention requests
  • subscription to the Colocation services does not require the activation of a Vianova site
  • the supply and installation of single-mode or multi-mode fiber between cabinets is quoted on a per-project basis
  • private LAN-to-LAN connections between equipment hosted in Colocation facilities, the virtual servers in the Vianova Cloud, and Vianova Customer sites are created with dedicated custom solutions
  • ‘remote intervention’ refers to the rebooting of equipment and any other ‘visual monitoring’ activity carried out by a NOC Specialist
Call 145
we answer within three rings