Vianova Phone

Your landline and cell numbers on your smartphone

Vianova Phone is an application for smartphones with iOS 10 and Android 5 operating systems or higher, which allows you to enjoy all of Vianova Mobile’s services and save on your call costs.

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With Vianova Phone, you can:

  • make and receive calls even when mobile coverage is unstable or unavailable, using either the WiFi network or your SIM’s data connection
  • activate the VIP Call service and configure your VIP List
  • transform your smartphone into a cordless company phone connected to your Vianova Centrex
  • set the telephone number (mobile, Centrex extension, or unknown number) to be shown during a call
  • keep an up-to-date directory of all your colleagues’ Centrex extensions to hand
  • manage multiple calls (landline and mobile) simultaneously, allowing you to alternate between them, transfer them, or combine them in a conference call
  • monitor your SIM’s usage
  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: included
  • the quality of the Voice service for calls with Vianova Phone is only guaranteed within Vianova premises with WiFi coverage capable of managing the Quality of Service (QoS) certified by a Welcome Italia Partner
  • with coverage from non-certified WiFi networks or on 3G/4G networks, the quality of the Voice service provided through Vianova Phone is ‘best effort’
  • Vianova Phone is not available for Android BlackBerry devices
  • Internet traffic exchanged using WiFi coverage does not consume the included GB or the top-up credit
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