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Advanced services

Additional benefits and security for your telecommunications

Call Recovery included

In the event of a fault involving all Vianova lines, at your request, our Customer Service team can set up forwarding of incoming calls to a landline or cell phone number. Vianova covers the cost of these calls.

ISDN Flex included

With Vianova, you can configure basic ISDN BRI accesses with a single voice channel without replacing your PABX’s access technology. With custom solutions, it is also possible to configure primary ISDN PRI accesses with the desired number of voice channels.
The service is not available in the 1.1 profile.

UPS included

Vianova services are guaranteed even in the event of a temporary power failure thanks to a dedicated uninterruptible power supply (UPS), provided on a free loan for use basis. The service provides guaranteed power for Vianova devices for up to around 30 minutes.
In the 1.1 profile, the service is optional.

Mail Server Reload included

Service reserved for Customers who use a mail server (e.g. Microsoft Exchange) at their site. It stores all incoming messages for five days in the event that your server is temporarily unavailable. When server is rebooted, all messages are downloaded immediately.

Best Price included

For Vianova multi-site offers, the call prices applied are always those of the largest Vianova profile.

Firewalling Access Control List included

Your LAN is protected from external attacks thanks to certified routers and Access Control List (ACL) functions managed by Vianova and supplied on a loan for use basis. The service is disabled if the Customer has their own firewall.

Port Forwarding included

This service consists of configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT) services and allows remote support and remote access for devices or services (accounting programs, PABXs, web servers, etc.) within the LAN.

Direct Dialing included

The service allows external users to reach a switchboard extension by dialing a number made up of a root followed by the digits of the desired extension. Public number ranges are a scarce resource, and any request for them must be justified by genuine business needs. The service can only be activated on ISDN or IP lines and can only be used on PABXs with the direct dialing feature enabled.
The service is not available in the 1.1 profile.

ISDN PABX remote programming included

The service allows you to program your ISDN PABX remotely.
The service is not available in the 1.1 profile.

Additional telephone services included

  • selective blocking
  • call forwarding
  • caller ID
  • caller ID masking
  • call waiting
  • connect ISDN

Voice Only included

Voice Only is the ideal solution for companies (associated firms, consortium companies, investee companies, etc.) that share the same LAN within a single office, have their own numbers, and want to keep their telephone costs separate.
It provides standalone Voice services to Customers that operate at the same Vianova site but have different company names.To activate the service, it is necessary to sign a specific Vianova contract proposal ‘in support’ of the main proposal. Voice Only bills telephone traffic only for numbers assigned to the ‘supporting’ contract and calls received on any 800 Lines. All other services, and their corresponding monthly fees, are the responsibility of the Customer that signed the main Vianova contract.

Relocation optional

If your company needs to relocate, Vianova’s services come with you, with no need to interrupt your work.
The process involves installing the new lines and equipment in your new location in advance. On the agreed date, the other services are then transferred without you missing so much as a telephone call. Vianova handles the pickup of the equipment from your old location.

  • one-off fee: 80% of the activation fee for the Vianova profile to be moved to the new location (payable in instalments for up to 36 months)

Downgrade and Upgrade optional

The service allows you to change the configuration of your Vianova profile.

  • without technical work at the customer’s premises: included
  • with technical work at the customer’s premises: Euro 150.00 one-off fee
  • activation fee in the event of an upgrade: difference between the fee for the new profile and the fee for the previous profile

Additional public IPV4 addresses optional

The service involves the issuance of further IPv4 addresses in addition to those already set out in the selected Vianova profile.

  • monthly amount: Euro 4.00 for each additional IP address
  • in the event of a Port Forwarding request for the IPsec, PPTP, GRE, and L2TP protocols, it is necessary to subscribe to the otherwise optional UnManaged VPN service
  • the Voice Only service is subject to the activation of the main Vianova profile
  • in the event of the termination of the main Vianova profile, the location active with the Voice Only service will automatically terminate
  • the Relocation service is available following the successful technical verification of the lines
  • for the Firewalling Access Control List service, the configurations of the devices are saved and stored on Vianova’s Network Management systems in order to restore the original functions if faulty devices are replaced
  • at the Customer’s request, if relocating to a Vianova site in a different telephone district to the original one, the Customer can keep the same telephone numbers.
    When calls are made to emergency numbers (112, 113, 118, etc.), these calls will be answered by operations centers in the original telephone district
  • in the event of a relocation, the old lines will only be terminated if requested by the Customer
  • the activation times for the site being relocated are as set out for new activation, with the exception of the days required to carry out Number Portability
  • billing for Vianova services at the relocated site starts from the day the main line is activated
  • the IPv4 addresses included in the Vianova profiles, which are not used by Vianova for the activation of the services, are available to the Customer
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