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Che offerta sto attivando?

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Posso fare la portabilità del numero?

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Vianova SIP Trunk

Voice service with unlimited calls for your IP Switchboard

It is the Voice offer that includes unlimited calls to all domestic landlines and cells and Vianova value-added services.

Compatible with the main PBX IPs (in the Cloud or on-site), SIP Trunk can be activated, either in combination with Vianova Connect, with guaranteed voice service quality, or on the connectivity of another operator.

With Vianova SIP Trunk you can increase or decrease voice channels, with the related services included, according to the needs of your company.

The service uses SIP/TLS and SRTP security protocols and is delivered via Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controllers (ESBC) hosted in the Vianova Data Center, built according to the Tier IV standard to ensure security, scalability and continuity of service.

PBX in sede - +
PBX in cloud - +

In summary

  • 1 voice channel
  • unlimited calls to all national cells and landlines
  • portability of your phone numbers even in direct dialling
  • 1 national geographic number
  • 1 800 number
  • 1 Fax number


q.ty q.ty q.ty euros euros
1 1 1 15,00 25,00

You can activate additional services in addition to those included. Check the dedicated pages.

go to “International calls”

go to “Calls to non-geographical numbers”

Direct dialing option

You can request new numbers for direct dialing with one-, two-, or three-digits.

direct dialing numbers digits installation
monthly amount
q.ty q.ty euros euros
10 1 25.00 10.00
100 2 60.00 45.00
1000 3 80.00 70.00

Additional national numbers

You can request additional national numbers in addition to the one included.

  • activation fee: 5.00 euro
  • monthly amount: 1.00 euro per number

Included services

Discover the package of services included in the SIP Trunk offer

  • Vianova SIP Trunk cannot be activated on Vianova Profili sites
  • the quality of the Voice service (QoS) is guaranteed only on sites with active SIP Trunk and Connect offers and with IP PBX on site or hosted in the Vianova Data Center
  • the PBX IP to be connected in SIP Trunk must support the G729 and G711 voice codecs and the T.38 protocol for sending and receiving faxes
  • the SIP Trunk in Cloud service can only be activated with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and can only be subscribed if the PBX has an assigned static IPv4 address
  • 3CX and Voispeed IP PBXs are compatible with SIP Trunk only if Vianova connectivity is used
  • the IP PBX must be equipped with at least two network adapters or must support VLAN tagging with the creation of virtual subinterfaces to ensure the quality of the Voice (QoS) service for SIP Trunk and Connect sites
  • the maximum number of voice channels that can be activated with SIP Trunk is 15. You can request a dedicated project to add additional channels
    multisite Customers can activate Vianova SIP Trunk sites together with Vianova Profili sites, only if each site has its own switchboard. In this case, all sites must be activated with flat traffic only
  • for the duration of the contract, the Customer undertakes to use the service exclusively as part of its business and not to resell it to third parties and, in any case, without abusing the business offer
  • SIP Trunk is compatible with major IP PBX vendors (Microsoft Teams, Wildix, 3CX, VOIspeed, Nethesys, FreePBX, Kalliope, Asterisk, Panasonic, Avaya, etc.)
  • the service is also available for customers who do not have internet access provided by Vianova
  • the activation fee can be paid in instalments of up to 36 months without interest
    the service includes calls to national landlines and cells, for the rest consult the specific price lists on the dedicated page
  • incoming calls to 800 numbers are billed on consumption, with the costs indicated on the 800 service page
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