Vianova Agile is the pay-as-you-go mobile profile that meets the needs of all your company’s staff, no matter how exacting.

There is no fixed-term contract, and top-up is automatic.It has everything your business needs, including what others don’t have.

And with WiFi Call, it is ideal for those who have signal problems at home or at work, as well as for anyone traveling outside Europe, who can call Italy using their mobile number at no extra cost.

  • pay-as-you-go
  • 99% network coverage
  • no fixed duration
  • one-page invoice
4G Internet
50 GB
15.00 €/month
+ €10.00 one-off SIM purchase
Opzione Agile International
Scopri di più

,00 €/mese

Contributo di attivazione incluso
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Services included in Italy

  • 50 GB 4G Internet
  • unlimited calls to national landlines and cell phones, with no connection fee
  • 100 SMS

Services included in the EU

  • 4 GB 4G Internet
  • 500 minutes to national numbers
  • 100 SMS to national numbers

Pay-per-use services in excess of those included

  • Internet in Italy or the EU: 5.00 euro/GB
  • calls from the EU to Italy: 5 cents/min
  • SMS from Italy or the EU to national cell phones: 5 cents/SMS

Customer Service

From abroad, Customer Service can be reached at +39 3783 145 145: with Vianova Mobile, calls are free from the EU, while the costs set out in the international rate lists apply for calls from outside the EU.

At a glance

  • your fixed line and mobile network operator that picks up the phone within three rings
  • one-page monthly bill for all fixed line and mobile telecommunication services
  • no fixed-term contract
  • the mobile network covers over 99% of the population
  • a single company Basket for all SIM card top-ups
  • Vianova Phone: your mobile number and your Centrex extension, together in your smartphone
  • WiFi Call: receive and make calls with your mobile number even where there is no mobile network
  • VIP Call: the manager-secretary service, for cell phones
  • Busy Call: get hold of someone who’s trying to call you
  • with SIM Manager, you can manage your company’s SIMs and your mobile phone services, with total freedom to link a SIM to any profile and the option to change this up to once a month


Customers have total freedom to manage their SIMs, which do not generate any costs if they are not activated.

  • purchase fee: 10.00 euro one-off fee for each SIM
  • shipping and activation fee: included
  • inactive SIMs do not generate costs

Traffic to overseas countries and non-geographic numbers

To call overseas and non-geographic numbers (NGN), consult the rate list on the web page

Static IP option

This service allows you to assign a private static IP to a SIM used in systems or tools (lifts, alarms, people counters, sensors, etc.).

The SIM on which the service is active does not have Internet access and can only be reached from the Vianova office specified by the Customer.

  • activation fee: 10.00 euro per SIM
  • monthly amount: 1.00 euro

Vianova Phone

With Phone, you can save on roaming costs, because calls from abroad to Italian landlines and cell phones are included.

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  • pay-as-you-go
  • 99% network coverage
  • no fixed duration
  • one-page invoice
4G Internet
10 GB
10.00 €/month


  • subscription or pay-as-you-go
  • 99% network coverage
  • no fixed duration
  • one-page invoice
  • maximum flexibility and savings
Pay-per-use offer
from 3.00 €/month
  • changes to the profile associated with a SIM will take effect from the first day of the following month
  • MMS are not available
  • the quality of the Voice service for calls with Vianova Phone is only guaranteed within premises served by Vianova with WiFi coverage capable of managing the Quality of Service (QoS) certified by a Vianova Partner
  • with coverage from non-certified WiFi networks or on 3G/4G networks, the quality of the Voice service provided through Vianova Phone is ‘best effort’
  • Internet, Voice, and SMS traffic included in the package but not used within the month cannot be used in the following month
  • the secretary or colleague to whom calls are forwarded with the VIP Call service must be a Vianova Mobile or Vianova Centrex user with an active Vianova Phone service
  • the use of SIMs installed in GSM boxes is not permitted; any traffic exchanged will be charged under the conditions set out in the pay-per-use Enterprise profile
  • Vianova Phone is not available for Android BlackBerry devices
  • in the event of the termination of the contractual relationship with Vianova, the leftover unused credit is returned to the Customer in full
  • national and international roaming Internet traffic is always calculated on the basis of the KB actually used
  • Internet traffic in excess of the amount included in the package is charged in 10 KB increments
  • Internet traffic exchanged using WiFi coverage does not consume the included GB or the top-up credit
  • access to voicemail is included in the price
  • SIMs activated during the month are topped up with an amount proportional to the remaining days until the end of the month (e.g. for an Agile profile activated on April 16, only 7.5 euro will be charged instead of 15 euro)
  • the services included with SIMs activated during the month are reduced in proportion to the remaining days until the end of the month (e.g. an Agile profile activated on April 16 will include 15 GB and 50 SMS)
  • The included minutes apply to calls to national landline and cell phone numbers. For other numbers, check the specific rate lists at
  • the Busy Call service works even if only one of the callers is using a Vianova Mobile SIM
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