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Vianova Centrex

Your switchboard in the Cloud

Vianova Centrex is the professional Cloud PBX solution that combines the features of an advanced IP switchboard, with the flexibility, scalability and security of a Cloud solution hosted in Vianova’s Data Centers.

The Centrex platform adapts to the needs of companies of all sizes and sectors, including for setting up completely remote or hybrid smart working solutions.

Centrex takes advantage of fixed-cell convergence and, by integrating Vianova Phone, it allows you to use the extension number on your smartphone even from outside your office or when you are abroad.

Centrex is developed in-house in Vianova with the aim of offering customers an up-to-date platform with new features and constantly monitored, to ensure the highest levels of quality and support.

The technical expertise and presence in the area of Vianova Partners means they are structured to create the best solutions for the design, sale or rental, installation, invoicing and maintenance of the Centrex service, in complete autonomy.

Collaboration with Centrex is easier

  • increase company availibility and promote mobile work
  • improve your level of service and facilitate customer relationships
  • effectively manage your teams working remotely or from branch offices
  • reduce costs and simplify the activation of workstations in the office or remotely
  • ensure the continuity of your work and protect company data


  • ability to manage networks of thousands of telephone terminals with services that are independent of geographical location
  • ability to move between offices (Hot Desking) and maintain extension number and terminal configuration
  • autoprovisioning and remote management of terminals
  • Vianova Phone to use own company extension on smartphone
  • Vianova CTI to manage landline from computer
  • APIs for integrating third-party applications
  • voice Quality of Service (QoS) guaranteed with Vianova connectivity


  • service provided via Tier IV compliant Data Center with guaranteed uptime of 99.9995%
  • locally and geographically redundant architecture
  • native backup of the Voice service with Vianova Phone
  • native virtual private network (VPN) with Vianova connectivity
  • automatic platform updates without service interruption
  • recording, listening and storing conversations (Call Recording GDPR compliant)


  • can also be activated on another operator’s access network in combination with Vianova SIP Trunk
  • multi-site customers with Vianova Profili offer share the voice channels of all Vianova subscribed sites
  • compatibility with standard SIP devices
Centrex with Profiles - +
Centrex with SIP Trunk - +

Landline and cell numbers on your smartphone

Vianova Phone is the natively integrated application with Centrex that allows you to use your smartphone as an alternative to your PBX telephone terminals.
You can use it with WiFi or with your SIM data connection.
Vianova Phone is the native backup solution for your Centrex.

Scopri Vianova Phone

Check out the features of Vianova Centrex

Calls and mobility - +
Collaboration - +
Services for hotels - +
System administration - +
Busy Lamp Fields

To check if an extension is busy or if a service is active


To call extensions or make external calls

Call Direct

To directly reach an internal number via direct dialing

Call Forwarding

To forward the call to another extension or an external number

Call Parking

To put a call on hold and pick it up from another location

Call Pickup

To pick up the direct call to another extension or extension group

Caller ID

To display the caller’s name

Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber

To trigger a reminder to call back an extension that is busy

Do Not Disturb

To not receive calls at your extension

Fast Transfer

To continue a conversation started on the landline on the cell phone

Hot Desking

To move your office and keep your extension number


To make information or emergency announcements


To switch alternately between one call and another

Vianova Phone

To turn your smartphone into a corporate cordless

Voice Mail

To record voice messages and forward them to an email inbox

3 Way Call

To talk simultaneously between internal and external users

Attendant Console

To answer company calls professionally

Automatic Call Distribution

To route incoming calls to user groups with advanced queue management

Boss-Secretary Filter

To allow an Assistant to answer calls directed to the Manager and to be able to transfer them


To group several offices belonging to the same company name in the same PBX and share all the services

PBX Group

To group PBXs belonging to different company names and share the internal numbering plan

Ring Groups

To organize paging between extensions and answer calls

Call Accounting

To bill guest calls with your own phone rates

Check in – Check out

To manage room allocation on Customer arrival and close the account on departure

Maid Codes

To allow floor staff to set the cleanliness status of the room (to be cleaned, ready)


To customize your phone billing report

Wakeup Service

To set one or more wake-up alarms for a single room

Web Panel

To allow the reception staff to have an overview of the services and status of the rooms


To quickly activate SIP devices certified by Vianova

BCA Connect

To connect common BCA phones via ATA devices (Analog Terminal Adapter)

Call Recording

To record external or internal calls

Day/Night Service

To differentiate call responses automatically via calendar or manually

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

To organize incoming calls with customized audio messages

Music On Hold

To play a piece of music when the call is on hold


To store personal and business contact information

Call Blocking

To define access policies to external numbers

Customer Centrex Administration

To manage the most important functions via the Customer Area

  • call diverting to an external number is not available in Vianova offers with only one voice channel
  • in the case of multiple Vianova Profili geographical sites belonging to the same Virtual PBX, the maximum number of simultaneous external conversations per single site is equal to the maximum number of voice channels supported by the profile to which that site subscribes (e.g. a 1.5.3 location can carry out up to 5 simultaneous conversations, a 6.12.8 can carry out up to 12, etc.)
  • if Centrex is being activated on Vianova connectivity with a coupling speed of less than 30 Mbps in downstream and 3 Mbps in upstream, a technical check will be carried out to determine the maximum number of simultaneous calls supported
  • the quality of the Voice service for calls with Centrex terminals is subject to the correct configuration of the Customer’s LAN and is guaranteed only for sites served by Vianova connectivity, where Vianova is able to manage the Quality of Service (QoS)
  • in sites not served by Vianova connectivity, the quality of the Voice service through the Centrex terminals is “best effort”
  • the quality of the Voice service for calls with Vianova Phone is guaranteed only within sites served by Vianova with WiFi coverage able to manage the Quality of Service (QoS) certified by a Vianova Partner
  • when the cover is provided by uncertified WiFi networks or on 3G/4G network, the quality of the Voice service via Vianova Phone is “best effort”
  • hotel services and CTI, Hot Desking and BCA Connect features are only available for Centrex in conjunction with the Vianova Profili offer
  • the Centrex platform is created in collaboration with NetResults srl, a Vianova Group company
  • you can activate Centrex by subscribing to the Vianova SIP Trunk or Profili offer
  • the maximum number of simultaneous external conversations of a Centrex is determined by the sum of the channels subscribed by all the Customer’s Vianova Profili sites or by the number of SIP Trunk Voice channels activated
  • the telephone traffic is invoiced by Vianova under the economic conditions provided for in the subscribed offer
  • the costs of calls transferred to numbers outside the Centrex (national, cell, international numbers, etc.) are those provided for in the subscribed offer
  • the Customer is entitled to one Vianova Phone license for each Agile, Data and Enterprise SIM that has generated costs in the reference month
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