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Vianova Project

Businesses of all sizes

This is the integrated Voice and Data solution for companies that need a custom network infrastructure and want to take advantage of all the services offered by Vianova.

Vianova Project allows you to meet the most advanced needs of companies thanks to dedicated Optical Fiber, Dark Fiber, Point-to-Point Radio connections and Vianova value-added services such as VPN, Cloud, Colocation, Line Recovery and Router Backup.

Vianova’s proprietary transport network, based on state-of-the-art infrastructure (NGN), is the backbone of all services and provides telecommunications services with the highest levels of reliability, security and low latency.
The network interconnects all the PoPs, ULL sites and collection areas of the national territory to the two Data Centers in Pisa and Massarosa with high capacity fiber circuits and differentiated geographical routes.

In summary

  • a single operator for all fixed network telecommunications services
  • dedicated lines exclusively for Vianova services
  • radio bridge accesses up to 10 Gbps
  • fiber optic access up to 10 Gbps
  • dark fiber accesses up to 100 Gbps
  • Colocation and Cloud solutions
  • voice and custom Data backup solutions with different routing and access technologies
  • domestic and international Full Managed VPNs
  • collaboration, security, monitoring and analytics services that can be combined to meet the most advanced business needs

Esempi di soluzioni su misura

Dedicated fiber, dark fiber and point-to-point radio

The project for Garofalo
Main high performance dedicated fiber optic connection with lines and backup routers that activate automatically to ensure business continuity.

Results achieved
Stable, high performing connections allowing Garofalo to dedicate itself to exporting Italian pasta all over the world, without interruption.

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Backup solutions

The project for Dal Negro
Dedicated, fiber optic main connectivity and backup line done with a radio connection, to diversify access technologies.

Results achieved
Voice and Data services always active, with guaranteed quality, and LAN and WiFi networks optimized to support Dal Negro’s growth projects internationally.

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The project for Ruffino
Access with dedicated fiber optic connectivity for all sites. Full Managed MPLS VPN managed by Vianova that connects all offices and estates.

Result achieved
Communications travel on the Vianova network with reduced latency, guaranteed performance and high security. Thus, Ruffino can continue to make Italian wine known around the world.

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The project for IMI-EDN
Colocation to keep company servers and switchboards in Vianova Data Centers secure and always connected to the Internet. VPN managed by the operator to create protected Voice and Data connections.

Results achieved
Vianova Data Center is the node of the corporate network and guarantees high performance and business continuity. In this way, EDN is close to its customers and can offer the best dental care.

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The project for Chiurlo
Cloud service based on high-performance IaaS virtual infrastructure, kept in Tier IV compliant Data Center with guaranteed connectivity, to host the company’s ICT services.

Results achieved
Eliminate the costs and risks of an on-site data center. Stable, scalable and efficient Cloud service to support Chiurlo’s growth projects in the energy sector.

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