Vianova, Pisa Network Operation Center

Network Operation Center

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it
(William Thomson).

The Network Operation Center (NOC) is the operations center that controls the functioning of the Vianova network, both physical and logical.

Our technicians steadily monitor the network to prevent disruptions, to anticipate technical support requests from Customers, and to minimize service recovery times in the event of a fault.

Network control

  • an advanced monitoring system, designed and built in-house by our developers, detects traffic volumes and the status of each customer’s lines every minute
  • parameters of ‘quarantined’ lines are checked every second
  • Internet traffic is automatically analyzed and divided into types with different levels of priority in order not to slow down Customer’s work by non-priority traffic (e.g. operating system updates))
  • if anomalous Voice traffic is detected (long calls, suspicious international traffic, etc.), the system automatically alerts our operators, who then contact the Customer by phone to verify if it is necessary to conduct further controls
Network Operation Center di Pisa
Network Operation Center di Pisa


  • thanks to our Assurance process, reports are managed according to strict quality standards in order to minimize resolution times
  • Assurance cases are opened within 5 minutes of the issue being reported by the Customer
  • within 15 minutes from case opening, a NOC technician carries out a preliminary analysis and classifies the case according to the area of responsibility and the severity, with a view to ascertaining the priority level and facilitating rapid troubleshooting
  • the case is then taken over by another colleague, who identifies and eliminates the cause of the problem
  • at the end of the process, a NOC or Customer Service colleague checks with the customer to ensure that the issue has been effectively resolved and that the customer is fully satisfied

Proactive approach

  • our technicians work every day to detect as many access line disruptions as possible, alerting Customers before they call us and thus minimizing recovery times


disservices identified and disclosed in advance to Customers over the last 12 months

Our Assurance service over the last 12 months – the figures


support requests received from Customers


the average number of support requests per Customer


the percentage of trouble tickets resolved within 4 working hours


devices managed at Customers’ premises


the failure rate of equipment installed at Customers’ premises


technical interventions carried out by our Partners at Customers’ premises


VPNs managed at our Customers’ premises

  • William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (1824-1907): British physicist and engineer who invented the electric telegraph and developed the Kelvin scale, which measures absolute temperature.