Massarosa (LU) Data Center

Network infrastructure

A high-quality fixed line telephone service and a professional data connection

Based on a next-generation (NGN) infrastructure, Vianova Network is the backbone of all transmission services of the company, allowing us to provide telecommunication and IT services with the highest levels of reliability, security and low latency.

Network interconnects all the PoPs, ULL sites and collection areas at National level with the two Data Centers in Pisa and Massarosa, using high-capacity optical fiber circuits and differentiated geographical routes.

Video wall del Network Operation Center di Pisa

Access network

Vianova uses the best access technologies (FTTC, FTTH, xDSL, Radio, etc.) available in the areas where the Customer’s premises are situated and the company installs lines exclusively dedicated to Vianova services, which are activated once successful technical verification of the lines are executed.

Points of Presence

PoPs (Points of Presence) are located throughout the Country and they allow for the collection of traffic from all transport technologies and protocols (Ethernet, SDH, FTTx, Radio, etc.). Voice and data traffic is routed along distinct and dedicated circuits, configured with a guaranteed and controlled minimum bandwidth to ensure the necessary quality of service (QoS).

Disaster Recovery

The geo-redundancy of the two Data Centers in Pisa and Massarosa ensures service continuity even in the event of major critical issues (disaster recovery).
The two infrastructures are connected through an optical fiber ring, with diversified access and routes and with a capacity of 100 Gbps (10 λ @ 10 Gbps with DWDM technology), which supports an IP/MPLS network with switching times of less than 150 ms.


We guarantee high-speed Internet connections thanks to the 60 Gbps connection, linking the interchange nodes of MIX in Milan and NaMeX in Rome to the two Data Centers. Direct peerings with Italian main telecoms operators allow us to reduce the number of hops and latency times by facilitating the exchange of Internet traffic

Mobile Network

Vianova is a mobile operator that uses TIM’s radio access network thanks to a roaming agreement.
To ensure business continuity, the proprietary mobile network infrastructures (MSC, GGSN, SBC, HLR, IN, etc.) are colocated, with local and geo-redundancy, at the Massarosa and Pisa Data Centers, which are in turn interconnected with geographical PoPs in Milan, Pisa, and Nola.

The network infrastructure in numbers

infrastruttura di rete


km of proprietary optical fiber (DWDM)


synchronized, locally and geographically mutually redundant Data Centers at our Massarosa (LU) and Pisa facilities


ULL sites directly fiber bound with collection PoPs


POPs colocated on the TIM infrastructures, for direct access to ATM, Ethernet, FTTC, FTTH and PSTN networks, fiber bound with the two Data Centers


POPs collocated on the TIM infrastructures, for access to the mobile network, fiber bound and redundant with the two Data Centers


interconnections among Collection Areas and two Data Centers, with redundancy


direct peerings with Autonomous Systems at MIX in Milan, NaMeX in Rome, TIX in Florence, and VSIX in Padua


10 Gbps circuits (60 Gbps total) that link MIX and NaMeX to the two Data Centers


10 Gbps direct transits with the international carriers Telia, Level 3, TI Sparkle, and GTT for the termination of the Full Internet Routing Table