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Securely connect to your network, wherever you are

Securely connect to your network, wherever you are

The VPN service allows you to set up Voice and Data connections in a secure mode between sites served by Vianova and between sites or remote users of the Customer.



managed between our customers’ premises in the last 12 months

VPN Full Managed

The service allows our technicians to enable firewalling services, on the equipment on loan for use, with the purpose of setting up and managing permanent VPNs between the Customer's Vianova sites. In combination with Vianova Profili and Connect offers, Full Managed VPN guarantees the Quality of Service (QoS) of the Voice service.
fixed-line offer installation fee monthly fee
Vianova 1.1 and 1.5; Connect 100.00 55.00
Vianova 6.12; Connect with Boost 200 150,00 165.00
Vianova 15.22; Connect with Boost 250 200.00 275.00
Vianova 24.30; Connect with Boost 300 250.00 385.00
prices in euro

UnManaged VPN

This service enables traffic on the VPNs set up on equipment owned by the customer, with all the quality, safety, and performance guaranteed by the Vianova network.
fixed-line offer installation fee monthly fee
Vianova 1.1 e 1.5; Connect 25.00 15.00
Vianova 6.12; Connect with Boost 200 50.00 55.00
Vianova 15.22; Connect with Boost 250 75.00 105.00
Vianova 24.30; Connect with Boost 300 100.00 145.00
prices in euro

TeleWork VPN

The service allows external collaborators (remote workers) to set up one or more VPNs in order to securely connect to the customer's LAN from remote PCs. The service enables VPN data traffic in transit at one or more of the customer's Vianova sites and includes the provision of the PC Client software and the assignment of credentials (username and password) for remote access to the company's LAN.

Fully Managed International VPN

This service allows users to set up VPN data connections with foreign sites via MPLS Layer 2 or Layer 3 protocols.

At a glance

  • service performance between Vianova sites: latency of less than 40 milliseconds, max hop count of 4 or less, packet loss of less than 0.1% per month
  • ability to manage VPNs with Hardware-Accelerated MPLS, GRE, L2TP, and IPsec protocols
  • for VPNs configured on devices owned by the Customer, the UnManaged VPN service needs to be enabled in order to open ports 4500, 500, 1723 and 1701
  • for sites with access by another operator, enabling firewalling services is the responsibility of the Customer
  • unlike the Full Managed VPN service, the UnManaged VPN service does not guarantee the operation and quality of the Voice service between sat PABXs
  • VPN traffic between sites served by Vianova is carried out within the proprietary network and does not pass “through the internet”
  • latency is measured between the routers of the sites served by Vianova (One-Way Network Latency)
  • the TeleWork VPN service does not include the provision of the internet access line to the teleworker
  • the private IP addresses used in the management of Full Managed VPNs are not “visible” from outside Vianova’s proprietary network and guarantee a high level of security, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access
  • the protocol to be used for the Full Managed VPN service is established during the installation phase in agreement with the Customer according to their needs
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