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Fixed network offer

Designed to adapt to the needs and scale of your business over time

Vianova fixed network solutions are designed and constantly updated to simplify your work, optimize costs and free up valuable time for the development of your business.
To facilitate the choice of the most suitable offer for your company and each of your individual sites, we have designed a specific one for each of your needs.



Voice-Data offer with included services

  • professional internet access up to 1 Gbps in downstream
  • voice traffic on consumption or flat
  • backup solutions to guarantee business continuity
  • collaboration, telephony, monitoring and cost analysis services


Data offer

  • professional internet access up to 1 Gbps in downstream
  • flexible network architecture that can be modulated and integrated with Vianova services
  • monitoring and banwidth consumption analysis services

SIP Trunk

Voice offer

  • unlimited toll-free calls towards national fixed and mobile numbers
  • compatibility with the main IP PBX on premise and in Cloud
  • telephony, monitoring and voice traffic analysis services

Are you looking for a customized solution?

Vianova Project

Customized offer

Customized solution for companies of all sizes in dedicated Fiber, Dark Fiber or point-to-point Radio

Useful services for your business

Vianova Centrex

The scalable and secure Cloud switchboard that improves collaboration between your on site and remote teams.

Find out more
nuvola centrex
iphone centrex
fisso centrex

Vianova Cloud

Protect your company data with the security, scalability and speed of the all-Italian Vianova Cloud.


Your data will be stored in Tier IV compliant Data Centers, ISO 27001 certified and Agid qualified.

Some of the Customers who have chosen Vianova

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