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Included in Vianova Profiles


Share your screen with other people connected to the Internet

Included in Vianova Profiles

Share your screen with other people connected to the Internet

Desk is an application that can be installed on your computer, allowing you to share your PC screen with other people connected to the Internet.

You can show your screen to colleagues or Customers in real time while you type a letter with Word, model a 3D prototype with SketchUp, share a quote with Excel, or present your product range with PowerPoint.

Download Desk


  • you reduce travel expenses
  • you reduce the time spent organizing your meetings


  • communication becomes more precise, because the person you are speaking to remotely can see what you see
  • helps participants focus on the meeting documents
  • makes distance redundant and speeds up decision-making processes
  • automatically adjusts your screen resolution to match the other participants for clearer communication


  • the service does not require a moderator
  • one click of the mouse is all it takes for each participant to share their screen with others
  • each participant can view the participant list
  • facilitates working from home


Vianova Desk

How it works

  1. download Desk for Windows or Mac, run the installation wizard on your computer and launch the application
  2. click on the ‘Show’ button to generate the ‘session code’ to be passed on to the other participants and share your screen
  3. to join an active session as a spectator, type the ‘session code‘ given to you and click on the ‘Watch’ button
  4. any participant in a session can share their screen with others at any time by simply clicking on the ‘Show’ button
  5. to leave the session, close the remote screen window or click the ‘Exit’ button if you are currently showing your screen

Additional Desk sessions

It is possible to increase the number of simultaneous Desk sessions beyond those included in the selected Vianova profile.

  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: 12.00 euro for each session
  • the application is available for Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later
  • the service requires at least one of the Desk session participants to join from an active Vianova site
  • Vianova reserves the right to limit access to the service by users who are not subscribed to Vianova services
  • each individual session can host a maximum of 25 participants
  • the automatic screen resolution adjustment feature is only available in the Windows version of the application
  • the service is not suitable for sharing streamed video (e.g. YouTube, etc.)
  • the Desk service platform was created in collaboration with NetResults srl, a company belonging to the Vianova Group


To simplify your meetings with more than two people, remember to use Conference Call.

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