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Posso fare la portabilità del numero?

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Monitor the usage of your telecommunication services

Monitor the usage of your telecommunication services

Traffic is a web app available within the Customer Area that gives you constant access to detailed reports to analyze the use of your company’s Voice and Fax services.

The application allows you to view the details of incoming and outgoing calls, faxes sent and received, the list of calls received by your 800 Lines, and the list of Conference Calls made.
Thanks to a series of basic and advanced filters, you can also optimize your searches and download the results in Excel format.


Details of all landline calls made and received by your company, indicating the call outcome, duration, and cost.
Thanks to the filters, you can search for whatever you need, such as how many times one of your Customers has received a busy tone or had their call go unanswered.


A 24/7 archive of all faxes received and sent by your company using the Fax service, indicating the outcome of the transmission, the number of pages, and the costs.
Searching for a fax sent by or received from a particular line number or during a certain period of time has never been easier. You can also download each individual fax in PDF format and view the list of Fax numbers for your company, along with the associated email addresses.

800 Line

Detailed reports to analyze who called you on your 800 Line numbers – dedicated to marketing campaigns or your support service – indicating the caller numbers, durations, and costs. You can view the list of all the 800 Lines activated by your company with the corresponding numbers and check whether the numbers are enabled to receive calls from cell phones.

Conference Calls

An always up-to-date list of all the phone meetings held using the Conference Call service, indicating the Virtual Rooms used, the duration, the moderator, and the name and telephone number of the participants.
You can also view the list of Virtual Rooms activated by your company along with their PINs, as well as the email addresses to which any audio recordings of Conference Calls will be sent.

How to activate it

  1. the application can be activated directly from the Customer Area by selecting the Traffic menu item
  2. in compliance with privacy regulations, the consent of your company’s legal representative is required to activate the application
  3. check that the details of your company’s legal representative are correct and click on ‘send request’
  4. your legal representative will receive an email with the request to confirm the activation of the service
  5. once the legal representative has read and accepted the Specific Supply Terms and Conditions, the Traffic application will be activated and will begin recording the information
  6. Traffic is ready to provide you with reports
  • the service can only be activated from the Customer Area using the activation wizard, which requires the company’s legal representative to accept the Specific Supply Terms and Conditions
  • only users with Administrator privileges can delete records
  • the information shown by the Traffic service is stored in the disk space reserved for the Customer and is distinct from the data that Vianova is required to keep for legal purposes. This information is managed independently by the Customer. In the event of deletion (including accidental deletion), Vianova is therefore unable to recover it
  • Traffic allows you to view all events that occurred after the service was activated
  • the service highlights calls between Vianova Customers, the cost of which is always zero
  • the ‘block from mobile network’ column in the 800 Line section indicates whether the number is enabled to receive calls from cell phones
  • the disk space used by Traffic (with regard to the PDF archive of the Fax service and any audio recordings of the Conference Call service) is added to the space used by Mail and Drive to determine the overall space used
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