Vianova, Pisa Data Center

Data Centers

Vianova’s Data Centers are designed and built with security, power, air conditioning, and redundancy systems. They are capable of preventing service interruptions and ensuring business continuity, even in the event of maintenance, breakdowns, or accidents.

The Data Centers are housed within the company’s offices, in direct contact with the Network Operation Centers (NOCs), and are monitored at all times by highly trained personnel.

Layout of Pisa Data Center

The two facilities in Pisa and Lucca are 33 km away from one another. In a protected environment, monitored 24 hours a day and always connected, they host the technological platforms used to supply all the Vianova Fixed and Mobile network services (Mail, HostingMeeting, Cloud, Centrex, etc.), as well as Customer equipment and servers stored in our colocation facilities.

All business processes and the data and information management system are ISO 27001 certified and are constantly updated and improved to offer Customers the highest levels of security at all times.

The fact that our facilities are situated in Italy offers Customers further protection as regards legislation covering the security and confidentiality of corporate data.

Data Center

Un asset strategico della rivoluzione digitale
Cosa è un Data Center, quali benefici comporta e quale scegliere


  • the facilities are located in areas with low seismic activity and are built in line with anti-flooding and anti-earthquake principles, allowing them to withstand major floods and earthquakes
  • the facilities are protected by a perimeter alarm and by video surveillance systems, with a remote link to local security companies
  • only authorized and certified personnel can access the Data Centers, using electronic badges and biometric readers
  • in the Pisa Data Center, individual cabinets can only be opened with personal electronic badges
  • all systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Perimeter alarm with anti-intrusion system
Oxygen reduction fire prevention system

Fire prevention

  • Massarosa Data Center is fitted with a nitrogen fire suppression system that uses high-pressure cylinders
  • Pisa Data Center uses an active oxygen depletion (reduction) fire prevention system. The oxygen percentage is kept below the minimum level necessary for combustion, thus making it impossible for any type of flame to develop
  • Data Center area is divided into sections by fire-resistant REI 120 walls and doors
  • a special detection system checks the hydrogen levels in the UPS and battery rooms and automatically activates the air exchange systems if necessary

Power supply

  • our electrical systems are based on multiple, independent power supply structures following separate and diversified paths
  • in the event of an emergency, power continuity is guaranteed thanks to UPS areas with redundant static transfer switches, 48 V power stations, and diesel generator sets
  • Pisa UPS areas are located in separate rooms with independent cooling units
  • each individual rack has a redundant, dual-feed power supply
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Cooling pumps

Air conditioning

  • arranging the hosted devices in hot and cold corridors reduces consumption and increases efficiency
  • air conditioning system with a dual power supply circuit ensures that the temperature and humidity are kept within a range of predetermined values
  • Pisa air conditioning system is powered at all times (continuous cooling), even if the generators are called into use


  • 100 Gbps of capacity to connect the fiber optic ring between Pisa and Massarosa Data Centers
  • local and geo-redundancy of all Fixed and Mobile network core equipment (routers, switches, telephone exchanges, servers, etc.), with synchronous replication of storage data
  • redundancy of the circuits connecting all PoPs towards Pisa and Massarosa Data Centers
  • redundancy of the circuits connecting with Internet exchange points and the national telephone network
Local and geo-redundancy of equipment

Pisa Data Center

810 m2

surface area

128 racks

with 42 units and

120 racks

with 20 units

1.8 megawatts

of power, with a dedicated transformer room

2 redundant UPS

with 1.08 megawatts of power installed in separate rooms partitioned by REI 120 dividers

2 independent generators

65,000 cc diesel engines, powered by 2 underground tanks with a capacity of 40,000 liters and 92 hours’ overall running time at full load

12 units

for internal cooling and humidity control, with N+2 redundancy

1.26 megawatts

of cooling capacity supplied by 2 hydronic chillers with 2N redundancy


active oxygen depletion (reduction) fire prevention system

552 batteries

in separate rooms with REI 120 partitions

Massarosa (LU) Data Center

90 m2

surface area

39 racks

with 42 units

320 kilowatts

of power, with a dedicated transformer room

2 redundant UPS

with 81 kilowatts of power

2 independent generators

13,000 cc diesel engines with 20 hours’ overall running time at full load

3 units

for cooling and humidity control, with redundancy

167 kilowatts

of cooling capacity


nitrogen fire prevention system

  • Pisa Data Center was designed and built according to Tier IV standards
  • in the Pisa Data Center, the percentage of oxygen in the air is constantly maintained at around 15.4% (the concentration of oxygen in the air at sea level is around 20.9%), thus making any combustion process impossible
  • in the cold corridors at the Pisa Data Center, the temperature is kept between 21 and 21.5 degrees Celsius at all times
  • the dimensions of the 42-unit racks at the Pisa Data Center are 85×120×210 cm, while the dimensions of the 20-unit racks are 85×120×105 cm
  • the dimensions of the 42-unit racks at the Lucca Data Center are 60×107×210 cm