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Vianova spa

Via di Montramito, 431 – 55054 Massarosa (LU) Italy
Share capital 11,000,000 euro fully paid-up – VAT number and tax code IT01059440469
Register of Businesses no. 01059440469 – Lucca Economic and Administrative Index (REA) no. 115789

Tel.: +39 0584 4244.1

Fax: +39 0584 4244.201

Customer Service: 145 or

Certified email:

Certified email for Court Authorities: , this mailbox is dedicated exclusively to the reception of requests from the Court Authorities pursuant to Article 96 of the Electronic Communications Code.

Vianova spa

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Via Montramito, 431
55054 Massarosa (LU) Italy
GPS coordinates:
43°52’48.52″ North – 10°17’37.76″ East


Via Fondacci, 272
55054 Massarosa (LU) Italy
GPS coordinates:
43°52’43.33″ North – 10°17’39.203″ East

Vianova spa

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Via Egidio Giannessi, 14
56121 Pisa Italy
GPS coordinates:
43°39’23.695″ North – 10°26’10.879″ East


Stefano Luisotti

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Marco Bolognini

Operations Manager & Co-Founder

Marco D’Ascoli

Administration & Finance Manager

Nicola Di Giusto

Sales & Marketing Manager

Nicola Gallico

Network Manager & Co-Founder

Sandro Gemignani

Legal & Regulatory Manager

Luigi Innocenti

Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

Giorgio Luchi

Research & Development Manager

Simone Pierucci

Procurement & Control Manager

Massimiliano Santini

HR & Organization Manager

Emanuela Simonini

Customer Care Manager & Co-Founder

Alberto Urbani

Partner Development Manager

Barbara Zucchi

Marketing Manager