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PC, tablet, and smartphone synchronization

Thanks to the ActiveSync communication protocol, your email messages, calendars, and contacts can be synchronized with the main operating systems for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

This allows you to read, write, and delete your emails from your PC, the web, your smartphone, or your tablet with total peace of mind, because Mail takes care of keeping your devices perfectly synchronized.

What's more, if your smartphone, tablet or notebook is lost, your data always remains up to date and available from other devices.

As soon as you have the new device, you can re-synchronize your data in a matter of minutes, without losing any information.

Antivirus and Anti-spam protection

The service distinguishes 'good' email from 'bad' email, blocking unwanted messages (spam, unauthorized advertisements, chain letters, etc.) and harmful emails containing viruses.

Unwanted email messages are kept in the 'quarantine' folder for 60 days and automatically and permanently deleted on the 61st day.

Microsoft Outlook integration

Thanks to the ActiveSync protocol, with native support starting from Microsoft Outlook 2013, you can use the main features of the service on your own email client. To make use of advanced features, the Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE) plugin can also be installed in a matter of seconds.

Advanced security settings

For each account, you can choose to block the sending and receiving of email from domains other than those enabled by you, as well as preventing automatic password recovery.

Mail's features and functionalities

Main features Vianova
Outlook, Mail (Apple), Thunderbird, ecc. Mobile
(iOS, Android)
Communication Protocol HTTPS MAPI ActiveSync POP3 IMAP ActiveSync
Support for Client Outlook 64 bit
Client's configuration not required
Installation of Plugin not required only with native ActiveSync only with native ActiveSync
Synchronization of Mail folders except Draft folder except Draft folder
Synchronization of Calendar folders
Synchronization of Contacts folders main folder only, all folders are visible with plugin main folder only
Synchronization of Activities folders
Synchronization of Notes folders
Creation of new folders mail folders only only mail folders that have to be signed up mail folders only
Restoring of elements deleted in the last 30 days
Shared folders
Possibility to work offline with cache profile
Mail Vianova
Outlook, Mail (Apple), Thunderbird, ecc. Mobile
(iOS, Android)
Function "out of office"
Synchronization of flag "reply/forward"
Synchronization of flag "important" on email
flag Synchronization 6 colours 6 colours only for red
Synchronization of categories some categories not working on Thunderbird
Synchronization of rules
Permissions settings
Proxy mail settings
Flag for receipt confirmation
Flag for confirmation of reading
Modify field "From" for "send as" and proxy
Antivirus, Antispam and Junk email settings
Reply to all
Calendar Vianova
Outlook, Mail (Apple), Thunderbird, ecc. Mobile
(iOS, Android)
Calendar availability (free/busy) iOS only
Attachments in appointments
Contacts Vianova
Outlook, Mail (Apple), Thunderbird, ecc. Mobile
(iOS, Android)
Creation and synchronization of contact groups
Global Address Book only GAB of your domain is visible
not supported
supported only with Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE) plugin

The service includes

  • unlimited number of POP3 or IMAP mailboxes, configurable as desired on your company domain (e.g.
  • up to 360 Mail mailboxes based on the selected Vianova profile, configurable as desired on your own domain
  • up to 480 GB of email space based on the selected Vianova profile
  • centralized Antivirus and Anti-spam services
  • web access to email, calendars, tasks, contacts, and notes
  • integration with Microsoft Outlook thanks to the ActiveSync protocol
  • automatic synchronization of all fixed line and mobile devices used
  • calendar sharing
  • advanced features to ensure increased security and flexibility of corporate accounts

Additional disk space

This is optional disk space in addition to the space included in the subscribed Vianova profile.
The additional disk space automatically adjusts to your work needs: it increases when you exceed the included disk space and decreases when you no longer need it.

  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: Euro 0.288 per GB or fraction of GB of additional disk space used in the previous month

Additional Mail users

It is possible to activate additional Mail users in addition to those already included in the subscribed Vianova profile.

  • activation fee: included
  • monthly amount: Euro 4.00 per user

Migration Support

This allows you to take advantage of the professional service offered by our Partners during the process of migrating your email domain from your old Provider, including any client reconfiguration and the importing of old email messages.

  • service cost: on a per-project basis
  • the service is not available in the Vianova 1.1 profile
  • the maximum size of an individual mailbox is 25 GB
  • the service includes the number of mailboxes indicated in the subscribed Vianova profile
  • calendar and contact synchronization is available on Microsoft Outlook, on Webmail, and on all mobile devices compatible with the ActiveSync protocol
  • Vianova does not provide Level 1 technical support services on email clients for PCs (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) and smartphones. To resolve any problems, following internal checks, it is therefore necessary to ask your network administrator or the company responsible for maintaining your company’s LAN to contact our Customer Service team
  • the Antivirus service protects your PC from viruses contained in email messages but not from viruses that may be found elsewhere (e.g. when browsing dangerous sites, external hard drives, etc.); we therefore recommend that you install antivirus software on your computer and immediately delete email messages that contain attachments of dubious origin
  • the maximum size of an email message managed by Vianova’s systems is 50 MB, but other providers may set lower parameters (typically less than 10 MB) and may therefore reject messages that exceed this size
  • Calendar Sharing is only possible between accounts within your domain
  • the ‘send as’ feature can only be used between users of the same domain configured on the Mail platform
  • restrictions on receiving email from domains other than the corporate domain do not apply to accounts included in groups or aliases
  • ‘Mailbox’ means an account configured with the ActiveSync or MAPI protocols
  • Mail services are activated following the installation of the lines, with time frames and methods to be agreed with the customer
  • the activation of the Mail service for domains not hosted by Vianova requires the modification of the MX records in the DNS by the domain registrar
  • the Antivirus and Anti-spam service can be activated and deactivated independently at any time from your Webmail
  • the Antivirus and Anti-spam service sends a daily email reporting the messages blocked in the previous 24 hours
  • the operations included in the Migration Support service can be carried out independently by consulting the Mail manual
    in the Support section of the site
  • the disk space used by Mail is added to the space used by Drive and Traffic to determine the overall space used

Note for POP3 users

  • messages blocked by the Antivirus and Anti-spam service can be viewed via Webmail
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