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Che offerta sto attivando?

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Posso fare la portabilità del numero?

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Value over time

Our Offer evolves over time, adding new services that are included in the price and allowing all Customers to benefit from improved rates

Choosing Vianova means investing in the future of your telecommunications with total peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the productivity of your business.

Vianova offers great value as the only provider that automatically applies new rates to all Customers and that evolves over time with new services included in the price, helping your company boost its all-round efficiency.

Thanks to the loyalty of our Customers, we can constantly work to improve our offering and optimize production costs.

We re-invest part of the value that we save in upgrading the network infrastructure to guarantee the best services for your company, while the rest is returned directly to Customers in the form of new services, updated technology, and price cuts.

Since 2007, when our Offer was launched, we have implemented


tech and service improvements and made


price cuts.


loyalty rate

is our customer loyalty rate.
Thank you!

Value over time

Strategic principles


A network of independent, ethical companies specializing in Information & Communication Technology


Supporting business growth by simplifying telecommunications


Respect, Service, Excellence


  • the Customers of today are worth just as much as the Customers of tomorrow
  • we always offer all Customers the terms and conditions set out in our most recent Offer
  • the improved rates in each new Offer are applied to both new and existing Customers
  • the new services included in the price are always valid for both new and existing Customers
  • an Offer with absolutely no asterisks
  • Customers have control over their costs and services for unbeatable transparency


  • improvements in technological standards are always made available to all Customers
  • all tech equipment provided to Customers on a loan for use basis is constantly monitored and updated with the most recent software releases
  • Vianova has no exit barriers for its Customers, because we rely on the quality of our services to maintain their trust


  • our online reporting services focus on producing information that helps increase business productivity
  • all services undergo verification and reliability tests before being made available to all Customers
  • over time, we develop new included or optional services to simplify communication and boost all-round business efficiency
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