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La tua reputazione e la relazione con i tuoi Clienti sono il bene più prezioso della tua impresa, e noi lo sappiamo.

Con la nostra Offerta, l’offerta integrata di servizi di telecomunicazione Fisso e Mobile, sosteniamo la crescita delle imprese semplificando le telecomunicazioni. Da sempre consideriamo i Partner un’estensione della nostra Azienda, perché siamo consapevoli che la loro crescita determina la nostra.

Find out what our Partners have to say

“I was disappointed with telecommunication providers. Then I discovered the real value of Vianova and Welcome Italia, something completely different than what you can find on the market. I strongly recommend them to all my Customers”
Fabrizio Gatto
“I would recommend working with Welcome Italia to any company. We wanted a Partner that allowed us to work close to our Customers. Welcome Italia is the best choice for us!”
Francesco Ferrari
“Welcome Italia offers quality, innovation, training and closeness to the Customers. A winning combination that caters to the real necessities of companies in the digital era. The ‘Business Partner’ formula guarantees substantial advantages to Partners and Customers”
Massimiliano Corradini
“Welcome Italia is an ideal Partner because the company keeps its promises. They always gave valuable support to the growth of our business and of our Customers with Vianova and with training courses covering technical, commercial, and business topics”
Renato Allodi
“Welcome Italia is not just a provider. It is a company of proactive and skilled people who work alongside Partners and Customers to create long duration relationships based on trust, transparency and quality of service”
Daniele Durlo

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Keep everything under control
Retain your customers
Expand your product range
Offer exclusive solutions
Boost your value