Become a Partner

Focus on your Customers and grow your business

Your reputation and relationship with your Customers are the most precious asset of your business, and we know it.
With our integrated offer of Fixed and Mobile telecommunications services, we support the growth of companies by simplifying telecommunications. We have always considered Partners as an extension of our Company, because we are aware that their growth determines ours.

Find out what our Partners have to say

“I was disappointed with telecommunication providers. Then I discovered the real value of Vianova and Welcome Italia, something completely different than what you can find on the market. I strongly recommend them to all my Customers”
Fabrizio Gatto
“I would recommend working with Welcome Italia to any company. We wanted a Partner that allowed us to work close to our Customers. Welcome Italia is the best choice for us!”
Francesco Ferrari
“Welcome Italia offers quality, innovation, training and closeness to the Customers. A winning combination that caters to the real necessities of companies in the digital era. The ‘Business Partner’ formula guarantees substantial advantages to Partners and Customers”
Massimiliano Corradini
“Welcome Italia is an ideal Partner because the company keeps its promises. They always gave valuable support to the growth of our business and of our Customers with Vianova and with training courses covering technical, commercial, and business topics”
Renato Allodi
“Welcome Italia is not just a provider. It is a company of proactive and skilled people who work alongside Partners and Customers to create long duration relationships based on trust, transparency and quality of service”
Daniele Durlo

Why become a Partner?

Increase your revenues

Welcome Italia’s Customers need helpful, knowledgeable people to build and maintain stable and fruitful relationships over time.

The innovative ‘Business Partner‘ formula guarantees you permanent monthly commissions for the duration of the contractual relationship with each individual Customer.

Sales policy also includes a significant bonus for each contract acquired.

Keep everything under control

Transparency is a duty for Welcome Italia. This is why we share all the information with your company, not wasting your time.

With direct access to Welcome Italia’s CRM system, you can monitor your Customers’ activation and support processes in real time, totally independently.

And when you need to contact us, we answer within three phone rings, 365 days a year, providing you with any technical and administrative support you may need.

Retain your customers

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for Welcome Italia and its Partners.

Vianova is the only package that automatically applies new rates to all Customers and it upgrades over time, with new services included in the price.

Having satisfied Customers who refer their fellow companies to you is the best advertising investment you can make, as demonstrated by our Customer loyalty rate.

Expand your product range

We respect your business and your Customers.

Collaborating with Partners is essential for Welcome Italia, in order to offer the best telecommunication services to businesses.

With Vianova, you have the opportunity to expand your range of services, responding to the real needs of businesses. This allows you to become an indispensable collaborator for your customers.

Offer exclusive solutions

Vianova is the only Fixed Line and Mobile offer dedicated to businesses, with a range of included services developed in house as part of a policy of total integration.

Examples include Centrex – available for sale exclusively by our Partners – a virtual PBX designed to maximize the possibilities of fixed-mobile convergence, or the innovative Mobile offer with included services that give Customers full control over their mobile services for maximum transparency and total autonomy.

Boost your value

Training people is the first step toward success and creating lasting relationships with customers.

This is why we support the growth of your company with commercial and technical training plans that allow you to keep your personnel’s skills up to date at all times.

In addition, a monthly Focus Day offers an in-depth look at the most important sales topics.