We only serve enterprises

For more than 20 years we have worked alongside thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who have chosen to walk some of their path with us. This has enabled us to gain a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in the digital age.

As a result, we have designed dedicated business telecommunications services that can adapt over time as business needs and size change, with the aim of always putting customer satisfaction at the center.

A dedicated network for businesses

Relying on a business-only operator allows you to take advantage of a high-performance network with reduced latency times, without the burdens of consumer traffic.

At Vianova, we guarantee line quality by managing our transport network to support peak usage: Internet traffic is automatically analyzed and divided into types, with different priority levels, so that the Customer’s work activity is not slowed down.

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Voice and data on separate channels

Telephony is still the most widely used service by those in business: call quality is critical, especially in business negotiations and customer relations.

That is why in Vianova voice and data traffic travels on separate, dedicated circuits so as to guarantee QoS (Quality of Service) while avoiding voice disturbances.

Per questo in Vianova il traffico voce e dati viaggia su circuiti distinti e dedicati così da garantire la QoS (Quality of Service) evitando disturbi della fonia.

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Dedicated and specialized support

Businesses cannot afford to waste time on hold with automated responders.

With Vianova, you can count on dedicated, staffed Customer Service to answer within three rings and take care of your requests whenever you need them.

NOC technicians constantly monitor each Customer’s lines with the aim of preventing inefficiencies and anticipating service requests.

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Proximity of a local partner

At Vianova you can always count on the support of a System Integrator, close to your company, who can implement solutions integrated with Vianova services and provide technical support.

Over time, our Partners and Dealers become trusted contacts for enterprise network infrastructure, simplifying the work of IT Managers.

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